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A bustling parade of new games and features is now available for the StreetPass Mii Plaza application.


This meet ‘n’ greet just turned up the heat!

Get ready for a StreetPass Mii Plaza update that’ll give you access to a new quick plaza, which lets you start each StreetPass Mii Plaza game faster than ever.


Updated StreetPass Mii Plaza features

  • You can use the new quick plaza to select each StreetPass Mii Plaza game quickly.
  • Players can now store up to 100 Mii characters at the Plaza Gate with purchase of Mii Plaza premium content.
  • New Speech Balloons and in-game shiny pin with purchase of Mii Plaza premium content.
  • Bonus Chance: There’s a chance you’ll get multiple Puzzle Swap pieces when you’d normally receive one.


New StreetPass Mii Plaza games

The StreetPass Mii Plaza update adds five brand-new StreetPass games! You can download either the Slot Car Rivals game or the Market Crashers game for free, and the Feed Mii, Ninja Launcher, and Mii Trek games are available for purchase.

  • Boost around tight corners as you race other Mii characters in Slot Car Rivals.Meet5Launch_Content_v01-SlotCar.jpg
  • Buy, sell, and trade stocks to become the next billionaire in Market Crashers.Meet5Launch_Content_v01-Stock.jpg
  • Create culinary masterpieces to fuel heroes and save their ruler in Feed Mii.Meet5Launch_Content_v01-DiningRoom.jpg
  • Grab ninja gear and slay demons as you soar through the air in Ninja Launcher.Meet5Launch_Content_v01-Ninja.jpg
  • Gather explorers to find treasure and danger in the ancient ruins of Mii Trek.Meet5Launch_Content_v01-Expeditionary.jpg

 To learn more about StreetPass Mii Plaza and the new features, you can check out the official site.

StreetPass Mii Plaza ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence

Slot Car Rivals ESRB Rating: Everyone

Market Crashers ESRB Rating: Everyone

Feed Mii ESRB Rating: Everyone

Ninja Launcher ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence

Mii Trek ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence