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Franklin’s tips for hunting down important ingredients for Harvest Festival festivities in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf game.



The Harvest Festival might make other turkeys feel nervous, but Franklin’s been invited to cook for everyone. He just needs help gathering ingredients. Could you spare some time to help? Just to be clear, he isn’t one of the ingredients! 



Finding Franklin

Franklin needs your help gathering ingredients he needs to cook dinner for the Harvest Festival…but first, you’ll have to find him! You can search for Franklin in your town’s plaza from 3 pm-9 pm on the 4th Thursday in November. Once you find him, he’ll tell you which ingredients he needs. There’s also a secret ingredient for each dish, but Franklin won’t tell you what it is—only a villager can tell you that!



Gathering ingredients

There are lots of ways you can try to obtain the ingredients that Franklin needs—like trading with villagers. There are even certain ingredients you can only get by giving fish to villagers who are in their home wearing a Chef’s Uniform. You can also shake trees to collect fruit, or dive and fish to collect seafood. It can be a lot of work, but hey—free food!




Stocking your pockets

You can store ingredients in your pocket, which is your in-game inventory of items. If you’re trying to collect ingredients from your fellow villagers, be sure to fill up your pocket with the items you’ve already collected. For instance, if you already have an orange but you still need milk, keep the orange in your pocket when visiting your neighbor. Your neighbor will see that you already have an orange, so they’ll offer you an ingredient which isn’t already in your pocket.



Keeping secrets

Once you’ve collected all of the items on Franklin’s list, head back to the town plaza and offer him the three main ingredients—but don’t give him the secret ingredient until he asks for it. If you managed to collect the secret ingredient, Franklin will give you a Fruit Basket. If you find the secret ingredients for all four dishes, he’ll give you a Cornucopia!



Getting an early start

In order to save yourself a little time, you can start collecting food items before the Harvest Festival even begins. If you stock up early on certain common ingredients—like apples, butter, and milk—you can carve out extra time on the day of the festival to hunt down those harder-to-find ingredients.



Bonus tip!

The in-game Harvest Festival takes place on the fourth Thursday in November, which happens to be the same day as the real-world Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. If you have plans to visit friends or family that day, be sure to bring the charger for your Nintendo 3DS family system, so your battery doesn’t run out before Franklin finishes cooking the feast!


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief