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The Nintendo Labo Robot Kit for the Nintendo Switch system lets you create in-game mechanized mayhem! Here are our top tips on how you could have extra fun with your DIY robot.



TIP 1:

The Toy-Con Robot Kit lets your in-game robot smash, fly, and rolls its way through fun in-game stages. Did you know that you can try to level up your robot to spend more time in Gigantic mode? Buildings, cars, and even spaceships can be completely wrecked! You can try to demolish everything and go for a high score. The more buildings you destroy, the more points you earn.


TIP 2:

Did you know you can learn new moves and freely control the robot in Challenge Mode? With the Charge Punch, you can build up energy to release a long-range attack in one big blast. Or, you can lift one leg while descending to perform a Drill Kick that rockets downwards. Then you can power up your newly acquired moves by completing missions!


TIP 3:

1.     Beep-boop! Did you know your robot can make different noises as it moves? You can make sound effects using your Toy-Con Robot in Robo Studio. Then you can place your Nintendo Switch console inside the Toy-Con Robot…and you’ll suddenly start to make sounds as you move! It could be fun feeling like you’re the giant robot!


TIP 4:

If your friend has their own Toy-Con Robot creation (additional Joy-Con controllers required; sold separately), you two can battle it out in VS Mode. You can find out who will reign supreme with the ultimate robot moves! Did you know you can also fight against a computer-controlled robot?


TIP 5:

1.     Did you know you can customize how your Toy-Con Robot looks in the game? In the Hangar, you can change the robot’s in-game appearance by updating its color and sheen. If one robot isn't enough, you can customize the look of the second player robot for VS mode, too! 


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 You can learn more about Nintendo Labo at the official site.


Nintendo Switch system required; sold separately. Parental supervision recommended.

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence