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The 1-2-Switch game is the ultimate way to amp up a playdate or party. Now you can add an extra challenge to your 1-2-Switch gameplay with team bingo, where players try to complete a row by winning individual games like Air Guitar, Treasure Chest, and Sword Fight!



1.     Click the Download and Print button.

2.     Open the file on your computer, then print. Both teams share one bingo card.

3.     Split players into two teams: red vs. blue. Use scissors to carefully cut out the star boxes (8 red and 8 blue) on the bottom of the bingo card.

4.     Play rock-paper-scissors to see who picks the first game.

5.     The winner of the first game places a star on the matching box on the bingo card, and the losing team picks the next game (no repeats).

6.     The first team to complete a row shouts “BINGO!”



  • Paper
  • Scissors*

*Kids, ask a grown-up to help!


ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Mild Violence