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Read along as Captain Toad continues on his adventures!  For more information and activities, you can visit the official site.


1.     Click the Download button

2.     Open the file on your computer and print (you will end up with three separate pages)

3.     Fold each of the three pages separately down the middle, with the images facing out.

4.     Find the front "book" cover.  This page goes on top. Using the page numbers, organize the three folded pieces of paper into one stack. 

5.     Put three or four staples along the left edge (in the white space) to hold the book together.

6.    Flip through the book once, carefully folding the pages to make the book easier to read.

Tip: For a longer lasting book, you can use a slightly heavier paper.  You can even laminate the cover if you want it to be more like a real book's cover!