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You can learn more about Aeos Island, the mysterious Aeos energy that abounds there, and (of course) the excited Unite Battles in which Pokémon compete in this new manga inspired by the Pokémon UNITE game, available now for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. More chapters of this manga will arrive in the future! In the first chapter, you can meet Aeos Island’s Professor Phorus and learn how her childhood adventures alongside the island’s native Pokémon inspired her and her research partner Erbie to create the Unite Battles competition!

Chapter 1: Aeos Energy. 1. Not so very long ago, on Aeos Island…  Narrator: When I was a little girl, Bedlum and I used to play with the Pokémon on the island every day. 2. Girl: On your mark, get set…GO! 3: Narrator: On that day, the Pokémon were shining even more brightly that usual. And on the way to the cliff, where the finish line was… 4: Narrator: Bedlum and Scorbunny looked like they had evolved. That’s what set me on the path to discovering the unique energy of this island: Aeos energy.  5: Narrator: In the following years, even as Bedlum evolved into Metang and then Metagross, it kept supporting me in my research. 6: Today. Professor Phorus to audience: Although Aeos energy also accumulates in seawater and flora, it is especially abundant in Pokémon. This energy increase exponentially when Pokémon cooperate with Trainers and compete against each other. 7: Erbie: We designed a new kind of competition that makes use of this phenomenon—Unite Battles! 8: Creating the rules and this environment wasn’t easy, but that’s neither here nor there. Phorus: Thank you for your hand work! Erbie: We have only this one request— 9: that you, your fellow trainers, and all the Pokémon here have fun together! 10: Phorus: We believe that this new form of energy should be used for the future benefit of all Pokémon. 11: That’s yet another reason why we want to make these Unite battles fun for everyone. We’re also planning lots of other tournaments and events, so stay tuned! 12: I know you’ll do great! Erbie: Yeah, but I’m the one who’s gotta plan them all…


This is a free-to-start game; optional in-game purchases available. Data charges may apply. An internet connection is required to play the game.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence