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You can dive into another chapter of a new manga inspired by the Pokémon UNITE game, available for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. The fourth chapter of the series, Professor Phorus searching for a site for the next stadium—particularly, somewhere with an Aeos energy spot! Will she find the site she’s looking for? More chapters of this manga will arrive in the future.

Chapter 4: In Search of an Aeos Energy Spot. Panel 1. Professor Phorus: Hmm, I’m picking up on a reading, but it’s too faint to tell if it’s an Aeos energy spot… 2. Erbie: You didn’t have to come all this way to study the Aeos energy yourself, Professor. 3. Phorus: I’m never satisfied unless I get my feet on the ground and see things for myself. 4. Bird’s eye view of the island. Thus far…all of the stadiums have been built on sites where Professor Phorus discovered an Aeos energy spot. 5. Phorus: Do wild Pokémon live between here and the summit? Erbie: According to our old data— Phorus: Old data? We’ll need to investigate the area again, then. 6: Erbie: I knew we’d end up hiking to the top… Phorus: You know me so well. 7. Phorus: I can’t see anything in this mist. Erbie: I’ll take care of it. 8. Erbie: Rufflet! Use Defog! 9. Erbie: Oh! Are these…ruins? Phorus: Who’d have thought there’d be ancient ruins hidden in the mist? 10. Pokémon approach through the mist. 11. Phorus: The Aeos readings are getting stronger! 12. Phorus: We finally found the Aeos energy spot we’ve been looking for! That settles it—this will be the site of the next stadium. Banner: And thus, the Sky Ruins stadium was established! 13. Erbie: I can already tell this is gonna be a ton of work. We have to consider the people, the Pokémon, the materials we need… Phorus: I’ll stick to what I’m best at—research!


Free-to-start; optional in-game purchases available. Internet connection required. Compatible smart device required for mobile version; data charges may apply.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence