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You can dive into another chapter of a new manga inspired by the Pokémon UNITE game, available for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. The third chapter of the series finds a young woman exploring the stadium with her father, who has come to Aeos Island to cheer her on during epic 5-on-5 battles with her Pokémon! More chapters of this manga will arrive in the future.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Stadium! Panel 1. Greetings, everyone! This is the Unite Battle Committee. Competitors are free to unwind until the next battle is announced. Thank you! 2. Dad! Thanks for coming all the way to Aeos Island to cheer me on. 3. Dad: What an incredible stadium. Girl: Yeah! ‘Cause it has to host epic 5-on-5 battles! 4. Dad: Hm? Is that Pokémon wearing clothes? Girl: Not clothes—Holowear! Man behind desk: Welcome! 5. Entering the tournament? Why not add a little pizzazz to your Pokémon, eh? Girl: They’re all so cute! 6. Man: Thank ya! Dad: Well, how about that? I may just get some Holowear for my Pokémon too. 7. Bird: YOO-HOOO! Woman: Yoo-hoo! Young lady with the cute Pokémon! Bird: Young laaady! Woman: Won’t you pay my store a visit too? Bird: Visit! 8. Bird: Merch! (in store) Girl: Wowee! Woman: We have a ton of exclusive merch on sale. 9. Dad: Talk about a haul! Girl: Now I can pull out all the stops in my United Battles! 10. Dad: To think my own daughter is battling at Master Rank! It almost brings a tear to my eye. 11. Girl: Heh, I know my partner and I worked hard, but we couldn’t have gotten this far without our teammates! 12: Girl: Y’know, it’s not to late to sign up, Dad! We can kit your Pokémon in Holowear and everything! It only takes one little battle to see what a blast they are!


Free-to-start; optional in-game purchases available. Internet connection required. Compatible smart device required for mobile version; data charges may apply.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence