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There are two sides to discover in the handcrafted world—the Front Side and the Flip-Side—in the Yoshi’s Crafted World game, available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.



You can jump into a new Yoshi adventure in a world made of everyday objects—like boxes and paper cups! As Yoshi, you can leap up high, gulp down enemies, and set out on a treasure hunt to find all the different collectibles. On the Flip-Side, you can play certain stages backward to find new perspectives and craftily hidden items.



  • You can explore stages and then try to find even more secrets by making your way through certain stages backwards on the Flip-Side!
  • You can try to overcome varied enemies and obstacles, like Zombie Guys, Skelesaurus, Ukiki, and Monty Mole as you seek out hidden collectibles.
  • You can play at your own pace! There are two modes to choose from. Classic Mode offers the conventional Yoshi experience. Mellow Mode gives Yoshi wings for a breezier (and easier) experience.
  • You can egg on a friend in 2-player co-op play (cooperative gameplay). Each player uses a single Joy-Con controller, so no additional accessories are required.


Yoshi’s Crafted World is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system. To learn more about the game you can visit the official site.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence