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The Nintendo Switch system can transform from home console to portable system in a snap, so you and your friends can play wherever you may go.



You can SWING INTO ACTION together anytime, anywhere

School’s out for the day, and it’s time to get your body moving! You can challenge a friend to a few quick afterschool tennis matches—then unleash an arsenal of shots and strategies in all-out tennis battles in the Mario Tennis Aces game. There are more than 15 fan-favorite Mushroom Kingdom playable characters to choose from. Whether you play locally, online*, or using simple motion controls in Swing mode, intense rallies await!



You can MAKE, PLAY, & DISCOVER together anytime, anywhere

No one actually sleeps at a sleepover—because they want to stay up late and play! The Nintendo Labo Variety Kit includes five different projects, which means everyone can join in. Or if it’s just you and a friend, and if you each have your own Toy-Con Robot creation (additional Joy-Con controllers required) from the Nintendo Labo Robot Kit, you two can battle it out in VS Mode.



You can RACE together anytime, anywhere

There are few things in life better than beating a sibling in Mario Kart. But beating them at Mario Kart while you’re on a road trip? Priceless! You can race against each other for the cup or mix things up in one of five different battle modes in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game. If you’ve got a big family and an RV, you can create the ultimate Mario Kart party and invite up to 8 players to join the race in local wireless multiplayer if you have four Nintendo Switch systems.



You can GO BANANAS together anytime, anywhere

If your summer vacation turns into a summer stay-cation, you can escape from boredom with Donkey Kong and his pals. You and a friend can have a crazy co-op quest across tropical islands packed with platforming perfection in the Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze game. Each player can use a single Joy-Con controller, so no additional accessories are required. Player 1 controls Donkey Kong or Funky Kong while Player 2 controls one of their pals—Diddy, Cranky, or Dixie—and their special moves.



You can COOK together anytime, anywhere

You can stir things up on family game night with the Overcooked Special Edition game, a chaotic couch co-op cooking game. With the whole family working together as a team, you and your fellow chefs must prepare, cook, and serve up a variety of tasty orders before customers storm out in a huff. Two players can team up by sharing the Joy-Con controllers, or you can add an extra set of Joy-Con controllers (sold separately) and play with up to four players for even more frantic fun.



*Additional games, systems and/or a Nintendo Switch Online membership required for multiplayer mode; sold separately. Nintendo Switch Online membership and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply. Visit the official site for details.

Additional games, systems, and accessories may be required for multiplayer mode.  Sold separately.

Nintendo Switch system required for Nintendo Labo Variety Kit and Nintendo Labo Robot Kit.  Parental supervision recommended.

 Mario Tennis Aces ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01 Variety Kit ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence

 Overcooked Special Edition ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence