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There are a ton of giggles, laughs, and snorts in the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions game. Here are a few of our favorite LOL moments!



Mario & Luigi + not words = LOL

Some people think Mario and Luigi speak in gibberish. But the characters in the game seem to understand them perfectly. What do YOU think?



Princess Peach – her voice + bombs = LOL

Princess Peach’s voice has been stolen and replaced with…explosives? That sounds dangerous! Every time she tries to talk, she sets off a series of blasts, booms, and bangs.



Bubbles + bean suit = LOL

Why is Bubbles dancing next to a barrel of soda while wearing a bean suit in a cave? Why is Bowser hanging from the ceiling? Who cares! It’s hilarious.



Hammer Bros. + hammer song = LOL

The game asks the age-old question: What are the Hammer Bros.’s favorite things? The answer, of course, is “hammers.” Here’s their song and dance to prove it.



Luigi + Queen Bean = LOL

Queen Bean isn’t herself right now…she’s a giant green monster! While Mario gets important details on how to help the queen, Luigi can’t stop poking her. That’s not helping, Luigi!



You can learn more about the game at the official site.

Game in 2D.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes