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You can find out which additional weapons and stages are now available in the Splatoon 2 game.

Here’s a handy list of recent updates to the Splatoon 2 game:

The weapons



Hydra Splatling: This puppy emits high-pressure ink like a fire extinguisher and has the longest range among Splatling-type weapons. Although it takes time to charge, the firepower will increase by charging it to the max. It comes with the Autobomb sub and Splashdown special.



Glooga Dualies: It’s time for a little double trouble! The Glooga Dualies are not just a fun name to say – they’re formidable weapons, whose power increases immediately following a dodge-roll. Rounding out the kit is the Ink Mine sub weapon, which helps allies keep track of foes, and the Inkjet special.



N-ZAP ’89: Same features, different color! The N-ZAP '89 will be back in-stock at Ammo Knights! At first glance, the included Autobombs and Tenta Missiles make this look like a great set for smoking out enemies. But you can also use this set to push forward aggressively! Sheldon recommends this for players who like to adapt their style to the state of the battle!



Custom Jet Squelcher: The Custom Jet Squelcher brings a different look to an old favorite. It has equal stats to the Jet Squelcher, which means you’ll still get that delightful range. However, the kit has been modified to include the Burst Bomb sub weapon and Sting Ray special. This kit is all about options, so you can take your time to try everything out.



Inkbrush Nouveau: This bristling beauty matches the stats of the Inkbrush but has a kit that’s built for speed. It comes with the Ink Mine sub weapon and the Baller special to break through your enemies’ defenses.



The Range Blaster: True to its name, the ink from this blaster has an extended range before it explodes. Just note that the trade-off is a slower rate of fire (there’s always a catch!). Rounding out the kit are Suction Bombs and the Ink Storm special.



The Gold Dynamo Roller: It’s functionally the same as the Dynamo Roller (except it looks more expensive). This means that you’ll still have a weighty roller that’s designed for high strength and long range. However, this kit also comes with the Splat Bomb sub weapon and the Ink Armor special – making it much easier to fight near the front lines of battle.


 The stage



Blackbelly Skatepark: Blackbelly Skatepark recently celebrated its grand reopening. Some may remember this stage from before: it features many ramps and hills, and the cylindrical tower is still found smack dab in the middle. However, after performing a highly scientific comparison, it appears that the two spawn points are further back on elevated platforms. This means added protection from enterprising enemies who may be hanging about.


 The items


Crusty Sean’s food truck, The Crust Bucket, has added a couple of new items to the menu. The Triple-Fried Galactic Shwaffle will increase your battle cash by 150%, and the Galactic Seanwich will increase your battle experience by 150%. Just like other items, the effect lasts for 20 battles. Tickets can be earned in Salmon Run or The Shoal.


For more information about the update, you can visit the official site.

Full version of game required to use DLC.

Nintendo Account required. Online services and features, including online gameplay, are free until the paid Nintendo Switch Online Service launches in 2018.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Cartoon Violence