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After downloading the February free update, there will be Super Mario Bros. themed items available for order at Nook Shopping in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons periodically receives updates that deliver events and features to the game. With this new update* released on February 25, Super Mario Bros. themed furniture, fashion items, and more will be available for order in the game starting March 1. Featured in the update:


Warp Pipe

Compilation of screenshots from game. Players dressed in Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Princess Peach outfits around an island decorated with warp pipes, mushrooms, gold coins, Thwomps, and Koopa shells.

You can place Warp Pipes on your island to travel between locations. If you have more than two Warp Pipes, the warp location will be chosen at random. The Warp Pipe needs to have enough landing space around it to be able to work properly. You can even warp to Warp Pipes placed inside your in-game home!


Hinamatsuri festival

Player smiles in a room decorated with hinaningyo dolls, blossom lanterns, kimono stands, and orchids to celebrate Hinamatsuri.

You will be able to order in-game items inspired by various seasonal events and customs. For the Hinamatsuri festival on March 3, hinaningyo (doll) and blossom lantern will be available for order between February 25 and March 3. There will be one item from the series available each day, and the selection changes daily.


Pi Day

Two players in a school show off their “Pi Pie”, a baked pie with the Pi sign on top.

Did you know that in many countries March 14 is celebrated as Pi Day? Pi, of course, refers to the mathematical constant “Pi,” and Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (3/14) because Pi begins with 3.14. Between March 1 and March 14, players will be able to order the in-game "∏" day item.


Shamrock Day

Three players dressed in green celebrate Shamrock Day with shamrock sodas in a room decorated with a shamrock rug and a shamrock doorplate.

March 17 is Shamrock Day! In honor of these little green three-leaf plants, the following items will be available for order between March 10 and March 17: shamrock soda, shamrock doorplate, and shamrock rug. There will be one item from the series available each day, and the selection changes daily. Plus, you can find Shamrock Day themed fashion items at the Able Sisters from March 10 through March 17. You can match your Shamrock themed fashion items with your other Shamrock themed items!


Update gift

Player dressed as Mario in a room decorated with the mushroom mural, a wall covering in the Super Mario Bros. game style with blue background, white clouds, green bushes, piranha pipes, bricks and question blocks with gold coins.

Players who download the February 25 update will receive the mushroom mural in their in-game mailbox as a thank-you gift. Super Mario Bros. themed items won’t be available for order until March 1, but the mushroom mural might help inspire your imagination…you can pretend to be Mario while you wait! 


*Players will need to connect to the internet and download the latest update data to access certain in-game events as they become available.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief