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Wario was sent to the principal’s office—again! Can you guess why? You can try to decode the secret message below to get the answer!



What was Wario’s excuse when he was sent to the principal’s office for nose picking?

Word 1 of 3 Piranha Plant, Used Block, Pipe, Pipe, Used Block, Yoshi Egg, Pipe. Word 2 of 3 Green Shell, Propeller Mushroom, Fire Flower. Word 3 of 3 Pipe, Propeller Mushroom, Goomba, Piranha Plant.

He wasn’t picking his nose, he was _______  ___  ____.


Use the alphabet key below to match the items to their corresponding letter and try to spell out the secret message!

Buzzy Beetle equals A Red Koopa equals B Hammer Bro equals C Piranha Plant equals D Red Shell equals E Green Shell equals F Pipe equals G

Note Block equals H Used Block equals I POW Block equals J Brick Block equals K Goomba equals L Question Block equals M Yoshi Egg equals N

Propeller Mushroom equals O 1-Up Mushroom quals P Power Star equals Q Fire Flower equals R Mushroom equals S Gold Coin equals T Bob-omb equals U

Lakitu equals Monty Mole equals W Boo equals X Thwomp equals Y Cheep Cheep equals Z