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You’ve moved in and become mayor…now what? Check out our pro tips and find out.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief

1. Add items to your letters


Need extra space in your bag? Add an item to any letter you’ve written. When you’d like it back, just tap the letter and select “present” to add it back to your inventory.


2. Spend time outdoors


Once you talk to enough people in your town, you’ll get the ability to build a hammock, cot or outdoor chair as a Public Works Project. Bonus: You can sit on these items on sunny days and get yourself a tan!  


3. Check for special deliveries


On Father’s Day and Mother’s Day you’ll receive a letter containing a carnation. This is the only way to get these flowers in your town (unless you get them from friends), so be sure to check your mail on these days.


4. Hire a professional gardener


Once T&T Emporium is open, you can take a break from pulling weeds. Visit Leif and he will offer you his gardening services for a small fee.


5. Have a laugh at LOL


Once Club LOL arrives in your town, be sure to visit Dr. Shrunk between noon and 8 p.m. each day. If you bring him a snack, he’ll reward you with a new joke!