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Donkey Kong Island is rugged country, particularly when bad guys are running around and freezing everything. Aside from, you know, running and jumping, what are the best ways to get around?




Jump on a vine and swing through the air. It's bound to be safer up there, anyway.




When going over ground gets dangerous, clutch the hanging ivy with hairy little fingers and take the high road!




Special surfaces like flowers can let any Kong trampoline up to a new area, and Cranky Kong's cane lets him bounce across nearly anything - even spikes!




Why walk when you can have Dixie Kong and Diddy Kong give you a Rocket Barrel Boost or a Helicopter spin?




Buddies like Rambi can help you take a load off. Let your four-legged friend crash through enemies and obstacles. Also, even though they aren't as personable as Rambi, minecarts are fun to take for a ride on the rails. 




There are a lot of bananas and other cool stuff underwater. Don't ask us how that happened, just dive, dive, DIVE for them. (But don't stay down there too long, because you'll eventually run out of air.)



Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence