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To succeed in the Pikmin 4 game for the Nintendo Switch system, you’ll have to balance caring for your Pikmin with leading them into dangerous situations. This guide can help you determine which types of Pikmin is the right one for the job!


Red Pikmin

Fire is no sweat to Red Pikmin. These feisty creatures make a strong first line of attack against enemies.


Blue Pikmin

Blue Pikmin are as happy on land as they are in the water. When the going gets wet, you can fling them into action to transport treasure or combat a creature.


Yellow Pikmin

Shockingly great at smashing electrified gates or redirecting currents. They can dig really well and get awesome air when thrown, too!


Ice Pikmin

These cool buds are new to the Pikmin 4 game! They can freeze enemies in their tracks. They can also freeze a body of water, allowing others to cross.


Glow Pikmin

These strange Pikmin are new to the Pikmin 4 game! They thrive in the dark but can also turn into a ball of light so shiny, it can stun enemies!


Purple Pikmin

Whoa! A single Purple Pikmin has the strength and weight of 10 regular Pikmin. Because of this extra oomph, Purple Pikmin can stun enemies when thrown and carry heavier objects. It also makes them slower on their feet.


Rock Pikmin

Rock Pikmin are heavy and unbreakable. These sturdy Pikmin are perfect for smashing crystals or dealing with large, stompy enemies.


Winged Pikmin

Winged Pikmin are high-flying little creatures that can lift obstructions and carry stuff over water. They’re also very good at battling enemies that can fly!


White Pikmin

These speedy little Pikmin are poisonous! On the plus side, White Pikmin can take on toxic environments better than other Pikmin.


ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence