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Once you’re settled into the world of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, you may find yourself wondering what to do next. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you discover tons of fun things to do on your island!


You can talk to Tom Nook & Isabelle

First image of two: Player visits Tom Nook in Resident Services building to talk about their home. The options are: I want to expand; I want to customize; I want to relocate; or Not now. Second image: The player visits Isabelle’s counter for help. The opt

Tom Nook is one of the first friendly faces you meet on your island. He’s also a wealth of knowledge! You can visit him any time, day or night, in Resident Services. You can ask him about paying off your home loan for the chance to upgrade and customize with more rooms, more styles, and more colors. Once the Resident Services tent has been upgraded to a building, you can talk to Isabelle about changing the town tune and town flag. She can also suggest ways to improve your island’s star rating, like pulling weeds and planting flowers.


You can earn Nook Miles

First image of two: Nook Miles app from the in-game NookPhone with options like Ninten Miles; Angling for perfection; You’ve got the bug, and more. Second image: Details on Angling for Perfection: Learning how to fish is an essential skill for living on a

Tom Nook offers an excellent rewards program known as Nook Miles. You can earn Nook Miles by completing challenges like catching fish, finding your first fossil, and posting a note on the island’s bulletin board. You can even earn miles by signing up for the rewards program in the first place! To redeem miles, you can visit the Nook Stop terminal in Resident Services. The Nook Miles you earn can be exchanged for additional features (such as roomier pockets), recipes, exclusive items, and tickets to go on mystery tours—things that Bells just can’t buy.


You can landscape and garden

First image of two: A player waters a patch of alternating tulips in red and yellow. Second image: A player cares for a patch of red, yellow, and orange windflowers.

Each island has its own type of flower and fruit tree. By planting different types of seeds, saplings, or fruit, you can add to the beauty of your island (which can help improve the island rating!). You can collect different breeds of flowers and fruit from friends’ islands or you can buy seeds and saplings from Leif when he visits your island. Then you can plant the fruit on your own island to grow an orchard of apples, cherries, coconuts, and more. To create hybrid colors, you can plant flowers of the same type but certain colors in a checkerboard pattern. Watering your flowers daily and giving them room to grow are two ways to increase your chances of growing these beautiful hybrid flowers.


You can decorate your home

First image of three: The house-decorating layout guide with buttons to rotate, grab, and store items.  Second image: Player sits in a room crowded with kitchen equipment and fish. Third image: Player stands in room decorated as a restaurant with imperial

Each weekend, the Happy Home Academy will rank your interior-design skills. If you score big on the evaluation, you may earn cool rewards, including exclusive plaques to hang on your wall. Coordinating colors, matching furniture styles, and putting up decorations are all ways to help boost your score. Some items can be customized with different colors, patterns, or even your own custom-made designs. You can check out the Custom Designs app on your NookPhone for more details!


You can change the look of your island

First image of three: Player builds a fence around a playground area with a slide and ball. Second image: Player uses Island Design app to change shape and size of river. Third image: Player stands on a bridge over a river.

With the in-game Island Designer app, you can really let your imagination run wild! Once unlocked, you can use this app to make different types of paths for residents to walk along or change the ground covering for a park area. You can use Nook Miles to unlock additional paths, as well as permits to build cliffs and create waterfalls, rivers, and ponds. Tom Nook can arrange for bridges and inclines to help get around your island—for a few Bells, of course.


 ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief