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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons game is ready to celebrate Halloween. From pumpkin patches to spooky costumes, here are some suggestions on how to make the ghost of it…err, the most of it.


You can grow & harvest pumpkins

You can start your pumpkin-filled journey by visiting Nook’s Cranny during the month of October. Once there, you can use Bells to buy some pumpkin starts to plant where you want (Leif will also carry pumpkin starts year-round). Pumpkins will grow from starts in three days, and you’ll have a bigger crop depending on how many days they’re watered. Pumpkins also come in a few different colors—and you won’t know which color it is until it grows.


You can put up spook-tacular decorations

Once you have enough pumpkins, you can start getting crafty! You can learn pumpkin-themed recipes from your fellow residents or by popping a balloon and finding a recipe inside. When you have all the materials, you can head to the nearest DIY workbench and follow the recipe. You can craft all the pumpkin recipes with orange pumpkins, then you can choose to customize with other pumpkin colors once the craft is complete. Some of the decorations also light up, so they may look even spookier at night.


You can wear your favorite costume

Halloween is a great time to show off your coolest, ghoul-est look. You can put together a costume from items in your closet, pick up accessories like Impish wings from Kicks when he visits your island, or get clothes, accessories, and more at the tailor shop. There are now a few more skin tone options—like green, blue, and purple—to help give your costume a special touch. And if you want to see a resident in a particular costume, you can try giving them an outfit to see if they’ll wear it on Halloween.


You can stock up on candy

Speaking of the big night, did you know you can stock up on candy this month? It’s true! You can get one piece of candy per day during October at Nook’s Cranny on your island. Then you can give this candy to either Jack or your residents on Halloween. Residents who don’t get candy on Halloween may prank you. Guess that’s why it’s called “trick or treat”!


You can set the tone with spooky tunes

Player buys candy at Nook’s Crossing for 120 Bells. On Halloween night in the town square, Lucky says “Trick or treat! Gimme some candy!” The Player gives him candy, and Lucky says “Yahoo! Thanks for the sweets!”

You can really get into the spirit of Halloween with a haunting soundtrack. Some of K.K. Slider’s tunes can be found at Nook Stop. If you’re looking for a real mood setter, you may want to be on the lookout for K.K. Dirge. You can also request K.K. Dirge from K.K. Slider himself if he’s visiting your island on a Saturday night or Sunday night. And for more musical fun, you can try changing your island tune with Isabelle’s help. This tune will play at different times, so keep your eyes (ears?) peeled.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief