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Here are some steps you can take to throw a party on your island in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.


 Who’s on the guest list?

In-game mail is used to send an invitation which says “Shhh! You’re invited to Kegan’s surprise party! Saturday at 7 pm.”

The first step to planning a party is knowing who to invite (unless the guests are residents on your island, each guest needs their own game, system, and a Nintendo Switch Online membership). You can go to the card stand at the airport and send in-game messages to invite friends you’ve already played with online*. It won’t take long for the messages to reach your guests. You can even plan a surprise party this way! When it’s time for the party to start, you can head back to the airport and ask Orville to open the gates for visitors.


Setting up a party area

Once you pick a spot for you party, you can set the scene with furniture, flowers, signs, and all sorts of other decorations. If your party has a theme, like a birthday party or a beach party, you can create and share your own themed designs. And if you need a few extra chairs for your guests, you can whip up furniture crafted from recipes!


Your guests have arrived

Speech bubble over Player’s head says ”Welcome! Party time!!” thanks to in-game messaging.

There are a few ways to communicate with your guests when they arrive. You can use different reactions and gestures to let friends know you’re happy to see them. You can also use in-game messaging to keep the conversation going with your guests.


Playing party games

One player chases after another in a game of tag, and a group of friends watch as one player tries to reel in a fish.

You can get the group together to play party games like tag or running races. If you want to have a treasure hunt, be sure to plan ahead and bury items across your island. Just a note: Only players registered as Best Friends will be able to use a shovel on that person’s island. If everyone’s up for some friendly competition, you can take part in fishing and bug-catching contests.


Making memories

A group photo on the beach and a group photo at a picnic table.

Every party has to end sometime. But you can make wonderful memories by taking in-game photos! To take pictures in the game, press the ZL Button to open your Nook Phone, then select the camera icon. When you’re ready to snap the photo, you can press the R Button to whistle to your friends so they’ll look straight at the camera.


Bonus tip: Consider bringing a present

Player stands in front of cabinet in Nook’s Cranny. Timmy says “Curious about what’s in the cabinet? Here’s what we have today!” Party Poppers are displayed for 100 Bells each.

Here’s a bonus tip for players who are visiting a friend’s island as a guest: It’s considered good manners to show up at a party with a gift for the host. You can bring Party Popper items and start things off with a bang! Party Poppers (and wrapping paper, too) are usually in stock at Nook’s Cranny. Just check the cabinet at the back of the store!


*Nintendo Switch Online membership and Nintendo Account required for online features. Not available in all countries. Internet access required for online features. Terms apply.

Game, system, and Nintendo Switch Online membership sold separately.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief