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Play Nintendo’s top tips and tricks for solving puzzles in the BOXBOXBOY! game.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence

Some of the puzzles in the BOXBOXBOY! game are way more puzzling than the puzzles in the original game.

That’s why we’re thinking way out of the box with these clever puzzle-bustin’ techniques. Check them out below!


Box Formations

Qbby may face danger from above, below, and both sides, too! You can try to shield our boxy hero with defensive techniques like Helmet, Shield, Helmet & Shield, Shielding Afro, and Shielding Beard.




If Qbby needs to slither through tight spaces or get to hard-to-reach spots, you can try to use various Snake moves like Slippery Snake, Stretching Snake, Sneaky Snake, and Shielding Snake.




Qbby sometimes gets himself into challenging situations. You can get creative by combining techniques into moves like Double Bridge, Armored Bridge Crossing, Double Shield, Assisted Hook, and Assisted Snake. 



Techniques Menu 

When in doubt, check out the in-game techniques menu to read more about the different types of moves in the game. Maybe you can even combine certain techniques to create your own kind of move. Now that’s thinking outside the box!



To learn more about the game, you can visit the official site