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Looking to celebrate the special day of long ears and fluffy cotton tails in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf game? Read on to learn how you can get a Bunny Day basket and even some special furniture.  We bet you didn't know an egg could be cracked in so many ways.



1. Wait for the right time

On Easter Sunday, visit your town between 6:00a.m. until the following morning at 6:00a.m. local time.

2. Find Zipper

Go to Town Plaza and look for Zipper (we suggest you approach him from behind  - a funny conversation will likely take place!). When you meet with him he will tell you all the details of Bunny Day.

3. Collect eggs

There are six types of eggs hidden around your town (don't bother going in buildings...they are all outside!). Try finding them all and then bring them to Zipper to receive a Bunny Day basket:

  • tree eggs (Hint: Shake some trees!)
  • earth eggs (Hint: Dig 'em out!)
  • stone eggs (Hint: Did you try crashing a rock?)
  • sky eggs (Hint: Floating ballons may come with something different on Bunny Day!)
  • water eggs (Hint: Do you feel like fishing? Try the river and ocean!)
  • deep-sea eggs (Hint: Dive in deep water to find one!)

4. Eat eggs

Keep collecting even more eggs. When you find them, eat them! Inside you’ll find either candy, a prize ticket, or a grand prize ticket.

5. Turn in prize tickets

Take your prize tickets to Zipper to get furniture from the Egg series below:


Is there candy inside instead?  That's okay.  It can either be eaten, sold, or used to lure ants out from the ground to catch them!


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief