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Discovering dungeons deep in the desert can be dangerous in the Ever Oasis game. Here are a few puzzle-solving, monster-fighting tips to help you try to survive and thrive!



Where there’s a skill, there’s a way

The desert’s dungeons are full of dangerous traps. You can recruit allies with different skills, like digging or turning into a ball, to help with the puzzle solving. A skill icon will pop up if you get close enough to puzzle, so you’ll know exactly what’s needed to solve the puzzle. If you don’t have that specific skill, a skill icon will pop up above the character who does.


Aqua Gate activate!

Want to zip back to your oasis from a dungeon, then back again? You can open an Aqua Gate to travel to your oasis’s warp point, which gives you the chance to return to a specific dungeon later. Warp points also let you restore health (HP) and save game progress (right before a boss fight is a good time to save your progress!). Note: the Aqua Gate feature becomes available later in the story.


As the wind blows…

Dungeons are full of valuable items which may be hidden from sight. You can use your Green Gale power to blow away piles of sand for a chance to find hidden items. These materials can be used to restock shops, create new outfits, and upgrade weapons. You may also uncover a puzzle—or something to help you solve a puzzle—hidden under a sand pile.


Collect? Correct!

Certain items can only be found in dungeons, so try not to leave anything behind. Gather what materials you can, then use these hard-to-find items to stock shops. You can try to collect new friends, too! Talk to travelers you meet along the way to unlock new areas with more items to discover. New characters may want to visit the oasis or join your party.


Big switcheroo

Dungeon-crawling isn’t just about solving puzzles and finding items. It’s also about battling scary Chaos monsters! These enemies are dangerous, but they’re also weak to different character skills and weapons. You can switch between party members at any time during combat in order to find allies who can deal the most damage. You can even revive allies who have fallen in battle!


You can learn more about the game at the official site.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence