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In the Ever Oasis game, there are lots of ways to grow your desert paradise. Here are a few of our favorites!



Booth bonus


There aren’t any shops in the middle of the desert. At least, not until you start building them! You can fill your oasis with tiny shops called Bloom Booths. Residents and visitors can stock up on food and other materials—and you’ll get a cut of the profits. You can help boost your bonus of dewadems (the in-game currency) when you place similar shops near each other, then put a helper plant on a pillar between the two shops. For example, if you plant a Tasty-Treat Seed between two food shops, you can increase sales of both Bloom Booths.


 Hired help


Now that you’re a busy chief, you may not have the time to go out exploring the desert. But don’t worry—you can send a team of explorers to do the work for you. Just select on the map the location you want them to explore, and then choose whether you want them to hunt for monsters or materials. You can select team members based on their specific skills, like Mining. You can also hire someone to tend to your food garden. This was, you can grow inventory items instead of hunting for them. 


Materials and seeds


Residents and visitors to your oasis need a place to get important things like food, clothes, and of course, toys. You can search for items and materials while you’re out exploring the desert. Who knows what’s hidden out there! Growing your own food is another good way to provide steady inventory for Bloom Booths. You can get seeds for grains like barley, rye, and wheat, then plant them in a garden and wait for the blooming to begin.


Restocking shelves


An empty Bloom Booth is a sad-looking thing. If a shop owner’s happiness is low, the overall happiness of the oasis is low. So try to keep your oasis happy by keeping the shelves stocked with the goods and materials they need to survive and thrive in the middle of the desert. And don’t forget to collect your profit! Just look for the blue raindrop icon above a Bloom Booth, then use your Green Gale power on the shop to get your dewadems.


Synthesis Tree


You can collect items on your expeditions through the desert—and recipes to turn those items into even better items. Gather what you need, then head up to the second floor of your in-game house and pay a little visit to the Synthesis Tree. Select a recipe, then watch in amazement as items like weapons and outfits magically appear before your eyes!


You can learn more about the game at the official site.


ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence