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Our roundup of top tips for flipping panels—and flipping friends out of the arena—in the Flip Wars game, available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch system.



Tip #1: Play through the tutorials first


You have to learn the basics of the game before you can master the flip. Play through the tutorials for a chance to work on your panel-flipping strategy. Tutorials can teach you how to slide, hip drop, and jump to flip over panels to your color. You can even learn how to flip other players right out of the arena!


Tip #2: Be prepared for hazards


Some arenas have dangerous hazards, but there are clues that may help you avoid these gimmicks. For example, pink tiles will light up before a wave rolls under the arena. If you time it right, you can safely jump over the wave while your opponents get knocked into the water. Pink tiles will also light up before lightning strikes, giving you a split second to get out of the way.


Tip #3: Keep hold of items in Panel Battle mode


The right item can flip the competition in Panel Battle mode, but there are a set number of items on the arena. As soon as the battle starts, try to make a mad dash for power ups. And try to hold onto them tight, since other players will try to flip you right out of the arena. The player who flips the most panels to their color before times runs out wins!


Tip #4: Try to trick opponents in Knockout mode


If you want to win in Knockout mode, you’ll need to knock out the most opponents. Certain items can give you a leg up on the competition, like the X item. You can try to trick other players into standing on “safe” tiles; then use the X item to flip panels on a diagonal and activate the Beam Cannon, a laser gun that can knock out a bunch of players at once.


Tip #5: Flip foes on their last life in Life Battle mode


The last player standing wins at Life Battle mode. Each player starts with a certain number of lives, and once they run out, it’s game over. You can try to steal your opponent’s panels with this little trick: wait until they’re on their last life, then knock them out and flip their panels to your color. Pretty sneaky, huh? Just call it survival of the fittest.


You can learn more about the game at the official site.

Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode.  Game, system, and some accessories sold separately.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence, Users Interact