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Tips on how to unlock and customize your dream vacation villa in the Go Vacation game for the Nintendo Switch system.



Villa? That’ll be 20 stamps, please!


Each time you play a new activity on Kawawii Island, you’ll earn an in-game stamp. Once you’ve collected 20 stamps, you’ll earn a stylish resort home known as a villa. It’s all yours, so you can customize and design your villa however you want.


The “key” to unlocking furniture


Furniture comes in different sets that can be unlocked with Silver Keys. These keys are earned by leveling up your character or through daily rewards. Furniture sets include beds, TVs, couches, and more – each in different styles!


You can live in a castle or UFO!


Well, at least the outside of your villa can look like a castle or a UFO. You can earn special exteriors for your villa by completing certain challenges or unlock them by using Gold Keys. Some challenges encourage exploration, completing certain activities, or just having fun.


A little change goes a long way


Not sure if that green chest would look better against the wall or near the window? Don’t sweat it! You can change your villa’s floor plan at any time by rearranging the furniture you already own.


Sharing your villa online


You can show off your customized vacation home to see what other players think of it. If you’re connected online, online players of the Go Vacation game will be able to see and “like” your villa. You’ll be able to see and “like” other players’ villas, too!


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence

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