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Jack from the Animal Crossing series shares his five favorite Halloween pranks.



Jack is famous for pulling the best pranks on Halloween night, especially if it means getting his hands on some delicious lollipops.

Here are his favorite silly tricks to play on unsuspecting friends, family, and neighbors on the spookiest of nights!




Offer to take your little brother trick or treating. When he’s not looking, replace all of the candy in his bag with carrot sticks. Blame it on the Easter Bunny.




Weird out your neighbors by politely refusing any candy offered. Ask for tooth floss or hair gel instead.




Replace your Jack-o’-lanterns with mini pumpkins. Tell everyone you have a shrink ray.




Hide all your candy, then fill your trick-or-treat bag with pennies and apples. Complain about stingy neighbors. Eat your real candy whenever you want!




Act confused when someone tries to give you candy. Explain that you’re here to give them candy. Refuse to leave until they take a piece of candy from you.


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