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The creepiest night of the year is around the corner, so it’s time to design the eeriest room ever in the Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer game. Check out these five tips to create a space that’ll scare the pants off your friends!


ESRB Rating: Everyone



Pick the spookiest shades

Orange and black are classic Halloween colors, but purple is definitely the creepiest color in the rainbow.



Deck yourself out 

What’s Halloween without a scary costume? Dress up as a witch and freak out your host the next time you go for a visit. Don't forget you can dress all the other characters, too!



No bones about it

Skeletons are already pretty scary. But when you decorate your room with a dinosaur skeleton – now THAT’S scary!



Use body parts

EW! DON’T PUT A HEART ON THE FLOOR! AN ACTUAL HEART! THAT’S SOOOOO GROSS!  (Just kidding. You can decorate your room with a heart-shaped rug!) But why not also consider some truly creepy furniture? It's been said that headstones and cauldrons are in style right now...



Go for a birthday-party theme

But only if your birthday happens to fall on Halloween. Otherwise, that’d just be weird!


You can learn more about Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer by visiting the offical site.