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Find out how to get all the items in the Harvest series this November in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!



It’s almost time for the annual Harvest Festival, held on the fourth Thursday of November.  That means you have a chance to collect furniture and accessories from the Harvest series! Here are a few tips:


Talk to Franklin the chef to find out what ingredients he needs for the Harvest Festival feast. You can help him gather ingredients and get special Harvest items as a reward.


Each dish will also include one secret ingredient. You can bring it to get a fruit basket!


If you have a hard time finding an ingredient, try asking one of your neighbors.  On Harvest Festival day, they’ll also be making special dishes, so you may find yourself taking requests for them, too! 


Many recipes require mushrooms.  Luckily, you can find up to five mushrooms each day in your town this month.  Make sure to have some ready for the festival! Bonus tip: Sometimes, what looks like a mushroom might end up being an item from the Mush furniture series!  


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief