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Danger lurks around every corner in the Hollow Knight game. It’s an epic action adventure through a vast ruined kingdom of insects and heroes. To help you out, here are five beginner’s tips for exploring the ancient kingdom of Hallownest.



There’s no place like home base


The quiet town of Dirtmouth will be your home base as you explore. You can come back often to rest and restock. The shopkeepers may have different in-game items to show you, and the friendly Elderbug is always keen to share his wisdom. There’s a strange stone door beyond the graveyard too, but no one knows what lies behind that. 


A little SOUL goes a long way


If you take damage while you’re adventuring, you’ll need to repair your shell. To do that, you’ll need white energy known as SOUL. If you’ve run out of SOUL, you can strike some enemies with your nail to borrow theirs. It’s a little rude, but essential for survival.


Mapping out twists and turns


The world of Hollow Knight twists around itself in surprising ways. It’s not a bad idea to stock up on mapping supplies! Cornifer the cartographer can be found throughout the caverns selling his maps; just listen for his humming to track him down. In Dirtmouth, Cornifer’s wife Iselda sells even more useful gear like markers, pins, and a compass.


Nothing is as it seems


Another good tip is to keep your wits about you—nothing is as it seems! Foes will disguise themselves as friends; allies will be tucked away in the strangest of places; and the treasures you find may have hidden powers that require experimentation to unlock.


Every defeat is a small victory


The monsters you find in the darkest depths of the kingdom may be faster, stronger, or tougher than you. But what will set you apart is your bravery and your perseverance! Even heroes need help sometimes, so you can reach out to your fellow players for advice or encouragement.


For more information about the game, you can visit the official site.


ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood