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The challenges of Hyrule await after you make it off Great Sky Island in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom video game. In this article, we’ll show you how to gather food, fight monsters, complete shrines, help Koroks, and start a quest! The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch family of systems.


How do you gather food and other items in Hyrule?

Link needs food as he journeys across Hyrule, and you can help keep up his strength by collecting food along the way. Helpful in-game items like herbs, plants, or weapons can be identified by a slight sparkle around them. This sparkle means you can pick up the item! Remember, when Link is low on health, you’ll need food to restore his energy. It’s a good idea to always have food in your inventory!


How do you fight monsters in Hyrule?

Bad news: There are monsters all over Hyrule. Good news: Link lives for fighting monsters! Plus, fighting monsters now can prepare you for fighting bosses later in the game. When you defeat monsters they’ll drop items like monster parts, food, and even weapons that you can take with you on your journey. You can use these monster parts in elixirs or use Link’s Fuse ability to magically stick objects to his current weapon to increase durability, damage, or even add a new effects.


What happens when you complete Shrines in Hyrule?

There are Shrines scattered across Hyrule, each with a challenge or puzzle to be solved. These shrines, like the ones on Great Sky Island, can be identified by the blue and green swirl above it. When you complete a Shrine, you’ll receive a Light of Blessing. Once you’ve collected four Light of Blessing items, you can exchange them at any Goddess Statue for either a heart container or a stamina vessel.


How do you find Koroks in Hyrule?

Small creatures named Koroks are hidden throughout Hyrule. When you find a Korok, Link will be rewarded with a Korok seed which can be traded to Hetsu for extra slots in your inventory. To find Koroks, you can examine spots that seem…a little off. For example, a ring of stones with one stone missing. You might also meet Koroks who are wearing big backpacks—these Koroks need your help finding their friends! If you succeed in reuniting the friends, Link will receive two Korok seeds as a reward.


Which quest should I do first in Hyrule?

Following the main quest of the story can help you reach certain milestones you’ll need to complete the story, like getting the paraglider and the camera. The first main quest can be found in Lookout Landing, close to where you touched down. Not all quests are epic in nature—some are simple side quests, like collecting mushrooms or taking in-game pictures. To find more quests, you can talk to different townspeople and villagers. You’ll know they have a quest for you if you see an exclamation point in their speech bubble!


ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes