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You can check out these tips on how to customize rules, play as a ghost, and more in the Kirby Fighters 2 game, available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch system.


How to play as a ghost

Can ghosts fight? In this game, they can! If you get knocked out in a team battle, it’s OK because KO’d players return as ghosts! If you manage to get a single hit on an enemy while in this spooky form, you’ll rejoin the battle.


How to master your moves

Need a quick refresher on your fighter’s attacks? To see a list of your fighter’s move, you can press the + button during a battle You can use this helpful guide to learn moves or in case you need a quick refresher in the middle of a fight.


How to customize rules

To change up the settings of a fight in Battle Mode, you can press the Left Button before choosing a Team Battle or Solo Battle. You can control rules like items, stage hazards, and the ability to come back as a ghost in team battles.


How to power up with items

Between each floor of the tower in Story Mode, you get to choose an item that will last for the rest of the chapter. There’s a certain amount of strategy in selecting an item—a Health Stone makes you tough, but you can also choose something like Attack Stone if you think you’ll need it.


How to unlock copy abilities & more

Each battle you fight nets you Fighters Points which go toward your Fighters Rank. You can try to raise this rank to unlock characters, Rare Hats, stages and copy abilities—like the new Wrestler copy ability!


 ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence / In-Game Purchases