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Our top tips for making friends, defeating enemies, and more in the Kirby Star Allies game.



Tip 1: Multiplayer friends can throw Friend Hearts

For the first time in a Kirby series game, player can experience four-player co-op* in which Players 2 through 4 can play…as Kirby’s frenemies! Most enemies in Kirby Star Allies that have Copy Abilities can be changed into Kirby’s friends. Once an enemy has become a friend, they can throw Friend Hearts at other enemies with a Copy Ability to switch between different abilities.


Tip 2: Kirby can catch a piggyback ride

Kirby can use his friends’ powers and abilities to take down enemies. He can also use his friends to get safely from one place to another! In single-player mode, you can piggyback on your computer-controlled allies to use their abilities and try to get past dangerous obstacles.


Tip 3: You can use an enemy’s weakness against them

With tons of bosses and enemies standing in his way, Kirby needs new strategies in Kirby Star Allies. Luckily, you can try to take out baddies by taking advantage of their elemental weaknesses. For instance, if you encounter a Fire enemy, you can try to use Ice against them! You can also share certain abilities with elements (including Water) to create powerful new Friend Abilities.



Tip 4: Discovering orange star doors

At the end of each level, Kirby and his allies can exit through a door with three stars above it. But you may spot different types of doors throughout the game. If you come across an open doorway with an orange star on top, you might want to take a closer look! You may discover a secret room where you can find additional challenges and rewards.



Tip 5: The adventure continues!

There’s too much adventure for just one world in Kirby Star Allies. After all, Kirby must venture far from his cozy home in Dream Land to fight a monstrous menace. But there’s even more to explore, especially once you complete the game’s Story Mode. Who knows what you might find? (Hint: it’s another level!)



 You can learn more about the game at the official site.

*Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Game, system, and some accessories sold separately.

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Cartoon Violence