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Introducing the newest hero in the LEGO Super Mario universe, LEGO Peach! Get to know her and the exciting new sets you can add to your LEGO Super Mario adventures for tons of creative fun. 


You can jump into adventures with LEGO Peach!

You can expand your LEGO Super Mario collection with the Adventures with Peach Starter Course. LEGO Peach has her own unique reactions to other characters she meets, and she can even “eat” fruits. You can even put the fruit in a gift box to share with friends! How will you build a fun level for LEGO Peach?

Remember: you’ll need at least one LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (sold separately) to get the most out of the Expansion Sets.


You can jump into the new LEGO Peach Cat Suit!

LEGO Super Mario power-up suits give LEGO Mario extra cool skills. Now you can power up LEGO Peach with a Cat Suit to climb the tower in the Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Expansion Set and save Toad trapped in ice! How will you power up your next exciting adventure?


You can jump into epic battles!

In the world of LEGO Super Mario, you can get yourself ready to battle enemies! Like in the Peach’s Castle Expansion Set where Bowser is hiding behind the throne. How will you defeat this powerful enemy?


You can jump into fun with friends!

Playing with LEGO Super Mario sets is not just about defeating enemies. You can play with friends or family too! In the Yoshi’s Gift House Expansion Set, you can say ‘hello’ to Yoshi at the door and even share fruit with your friend. Which friends have you enjoyed meeting in your adventures with LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi and LEGO Peach?


At least one LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (sold separately) is required for play with Expansion Sets.

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Multiple sets shown; sold separately.