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You can jump into the world of LEGO Super Mario with bricks and interactive figures like LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi, and LEGO Peach (available August 1). These sets are great for recreating your favorite scenes from the games or creating new adventures. Here are a few basic tips to help you discover some of the different ways to have fun with LEGO Super Mario sets! Please note that a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (sold separately) is required for play.


Cool color creations

The LEGO Super Mario universe is full of different-colored LEGO bricks. You can try using red, green, yellow, blue, and purple for fun effects. The sensor in the feet of LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi, and LEGO Peach (available August 1) will recognize the colors, making the eye, mouth, and belly screens react in different, fun ways. You can also use blue bricks to create a water level, red bricks to create a fiery lava world, and green for a fantastic forest adventure. Or you can mix different colors to create a cool combo!


The sky’s the limit

LEGO Super Mario sets are meant to be combined and rearranged to create new adventures and new levels to master. For example, you can use the bricks from your LEGO bin to change the shape of your course. You can even try connecting sets to create a longer course or building super-tall platforms to battle your enemies!


Coin collecting 101

One of the best things about LEGO Super Mario is trying to collect as many digital coins as you can! You can help LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi, or LEGO Peach (available August 1) perform specific tricks like flipping onto the Goal Pole platform to finish your course to collect a bonus. You can even make them “walk” around to earn as many digital coins as you can!


These blocks rock

The LEGO Super Mario universe is packed with action bricks—and each one makes your interactive LEGO figure respond in a different way. The Time Block will give you valuable extra time to finish courses, and a ? Block will give you a reward like extra coins or a Super Star. You can interact with action bricks on character figures as well, for unique rewards and reactions from LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi, and LEGO Peach (available August 1).


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 Please note that a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course is required for play (sold separately)