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With five types of battles, there are more ways than ever to wreck the competition in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game for the Nintendo Switch system. You can play your friends in local wireless multiplayer with up to 8 players*!



Balloon Battle

 In Balloon Battle, you can go shell-to-shell with friends or computer-controlled players on one of eight custom tracks. You can try to pick up Items like Green Shells, Bananas, and Bob-ombs, which can be used to target other drivers. When time’s up, the player with the most points wins.


Luigi races through the 3DS Wuhu Town Battle course as pops his opponents’ balloons.

Tip: More drivers equal more balloons, so head over to a crowded part of the track if you need points. But if you’re already in the lead, you may want to avoid crowded areas!


 Bob-omb Blast

Bob-ombs are the item of choice in Bob-omb Blast, an explosive battle mode returning from the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! game. Bob-ombs explode shortly after they’re thrown or when they hit a kart, and it takes a while to recover from the blast. The good news is, you can hold up to 10 Bob-ombs at one time.

 Bowser Jr. blasts balloons using only Bob-ombs on the Sweet Sweet Kingdom Battle course.

Tip: You can hold down the L Button or ZL Button to try to throw the bombs further. Plus, bombs thrown forward will immediately explode. Ka-BOOM!


 Renegade Roundup – NEW!

It’s a game of cops vs. robbers in Renegade Roundup. In this new Battle type, one team tries to put the other in jail using Piranha Plants. If a robber gets eaten by a Piranha Plant, they’ll land in jail. But their fellow teammates can try to break them out by hitting the switch below the cage.


Isabelle uses a Piranha Plant to chomp her opponents on the Dragon Palace Battle course.

Tip (Renegades): If you’re the last renegade driving, try to grab item boxes—they contain useful items (like stars) that may help you rescue your teammates.

Tip (Law): Renegades outracing you? Try to pick up coins to increase your top speed.


Coin Runners

 The rules to Coin Runners are pretty simple: collect as many in-game coins as possible before time runs out, and the character with the most coins wins. You can use items to knock coins off your opponents’ karts, or steal coins directly from them. You can see how many coins are on an opponent because of the meter above their head. This Battle type is a welcome return from the Mario Kart Wii game.


Shy Guy picks up some gold on the GCN Luigi’s Mansion Battle course.

 Tip: If you hit another racer with an item, don’t just speed past them. You can try to drive slow and pick up their fallen coins!


Shine Thief

In the Shine Thief Battle type, racers are on the hunt for the shiny Shine Sprite. The first character to nab the Shine Sprite—and hold onto it for a total time of 20 seconds before time runs out—wins the battle. Interesting fact: when a character is holding the Shine Sprite, they’ll move much slower than the other racers!


Link aims for the Shine Sprite on the Lunar Colony Battle course.

Tip: You can hold two items at a time, so it you have the Shine Sprite, try keeping a Super Star or Triple Green Shells in your second item slot to keep the other racers away.


You can learn more about the game at the official site.

*Additional games, systems, and accessories may be required for multiplayer mode. Sold separately.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Comic Mischief