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Players hit the dice block and move from space to space on the game boards in the Mario Party Superstars game for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Whoever collects the most Stars by the end, wins! Each board is packed with all sorts of zany events. You can keep reading to learn one tip about each of the five classic boards in the game. If you want to learn more about the Mt. Minigames mode, you can visit the official site here.


How to avoid Bowser’s beam on Space Land

The Bowser Coin Beam prepares to fire on the Space Land board. “Energy charged to 300 percent! Fire the Bowser Coin Beam…NOW!”

The space station on the Space Land board can be a dangerous place. Players should keep a careful eye on the Bowser Coin Beam. When the counter hits 1, you’ll want to find a route to quickly escape the line of fire. If you get hit by the beam, you’ll lose all your coins!


How to plant Piranha Plants on Peach’s Birthday Cake

Birdo lands on a space in front of a Piranha Plant on the Peach’s Birthday Cake board and loses all her coins.

On the Peach’s Birthday Cake board, you can decorate the cake with strawberries to earn coins or stars by landing on specific Events Spaces (which are marked with an exclamation point). You can plant a large strawberry for 30 coins or grow a smaller one for 5 coins. The strawberries then grow into Piranha Plants, which gobble up other players’ coins or stars!


How to get King Boo’s help on Horror Land

Rosalina lands on a space in front of King Boo. Things are sure to be a bit more lively around these parts at night!

There are an awful lot of ghosts hanging around on the Horror Land board, where day turns into night and night turns into day. The King Boo statue is harmless during the day, but if you find the way to pass by it at night (and have enough coins), it’ll swipe stars from unsuspecting opponents for you!


How to raise tolls on Yoshi’s Tropical Island

The entire Yoshi’s Tropical Island game board features two islands with pieces of fruit scattered all around. The islands are connected by two bridges each guarded by a Thwomp.

The Yoshi’s Tropical Island board is split into two islands, and you’ll need to travel between them to get the Star. The bridges connecting the islands are each guarded by a giant Thwomp. You can raise the Thwomp’s toll by as much as you’d like. But once raised, the toll can’t be lowered—so you may not want to raise it too high!


How to stay on track on Woody Woods

Donkey Kong lands on a space in front of Monty Mole and a signpost pointing to the right.

On the Woody Woods board, the direction keeps changing! Players wander the forest and follow the signs to stay on the right path; but Monty Mole will change the direction of the signposts in exchange for coins—and the price changes on a whim. If you’re not careful, you might end up traveling along the wrong route.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence