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Here’s the scoop on all the mega-awesome ways to play the multiplayer modes in the Mario Party: The Top 100 game.



Party crashers are welcome


If you’re going to have a party, you’re going to need some guests. The more, the merrier…up to four players, that is. You and your friends can play the game in a couple of ways, depending on what everyone brings to the party.

  • Everyone has the game: If everyone has the game (either a Game Card or the digital version) and their own Nintendo 3DS family system, you can use the system’s Local Wireless feature to create a room and invite friends to play.
  • Playing from one game: If everyone has their own Nintendo 3DS system, you can all share one game. The party host can use the system’s Download Play feature to create a room and invite friends to join the party.

Finding the right minigame, right away


The 100 Minigames mode is where you can find all one hundred minigames, once you unlock them. Your first challenge is a fun one: choosing from all unlocked minigames.  Luckily, there are lots of ways to sort the games. You can sort by minigame type, like Sports or Skill or Brainy or Lucky. You can even sort by battle type, like free-for-all or 2-vs-2, for different kinds of matchups.


Playing favorites


With Local Wireless, each player chooses a pack of five minigames to add to a randomizer—that way, everyone gets a chance to play one of their favorites. In Download Play, only the host can choose their favorite Minigame Pack; everyone else chooses from pre-selected packs. Guess what else? You can set the number of turns to play so you won’t have to worry about the game going into overtime!


Crowning the champion


If you and your friends are looking to settle a bet or prove your worth, the Championship Battles mode gives you a chance to determine the ultimate champion. The best out of three or best out of five rounds wins! In this mode, the host has the advantage: the minigames are chosen randomly from their favorite Minigame Pack only.


Making it a fair fight


In the Decathlon mode, players compete to earn the most points and beat high scores. Every hit, jump, and second counts in this ultra-competitive mode. You can try to beat rivals (or you can try to beat your own personal record) in a set of five or 10 preset minigames.


Bonus tip: You can face off against computer opponents in all these multiplayer modes if you’re playing solo. You can learn more about the game at the official site.


Games and systems sold separately.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence