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For the first time in the Mario Sports series, you can race horses! Here are a few tips to help you try to cross the finish line first in the Mario Sports Superstars game.



Making your horse happy

Once you choose a horse from the in-game stable, you can try to make it happy by taking good care of it. The horses in the game love it when they’re brushed, cleaned, and fed yummy treats. You can use your stylus as a brush—and if you brush enough, you may see the dust and dirt come right off your horse.


Getting some fresh air

Race horses love to run! They also like to take nice, slow walks. You can let your horse stretch its legs—and get some fresh air and sunshine—as you explore the fields around the stables. Plus, you may discover helpful items like food, coins, and fun accessories you can use to dress up your horse.


Customizing your horse

Speaking of fun accessories—you can dress up your horse in special items to give it a fashionable flair on the race track. You can choose from all sorts of accessories that you and your horse may find in the fields around the stable. It’s easy to swap out items with the tap of a stylus.


Pairing up your horse with a rider

You can choose one of 18 playable Mushroom Kingdom characters to ride your horse in a race. It can be helpful to compare each playable character’s stats (like Speed and Stamina), then pick the right one to race your horse in competition. It’s important to remember that when a player rides a horse that’s been taken good care of, the pairing of horse and rider will be even more effective during races.


Racing for the crown

Once you and your horse hit the racetrack, you can try to steer, boost, and jump your way to victory! Collecting carrots along the course is a great way to help restore stamina during the race. Another good strategy is collecting stars. You need five of them to fill one charge on your Star Gauge. Then, you can trigger a Star Dash to give your horse a burst of speed.

Good luck!


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ESRB Rating: Everyone