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Check out these pro tips for each of the five sports in the Mario Sports Superstars game: Soccer, Horse Racing, Baseball, Tennis, and Golf.


Stomping the competition!

You can try to set yourself up for success by learning the basics of each game—then you can try to get ahead of the game with these superstar tips from Mario Sports Superstars.


Kicking up a storm in Soccer


Basic tip: Keep an eye on your teammates on the bottom screen. One of them may be open for a pass or a shot.

Superstar tip: Use Special Shots for extra power on the soccer field. When the ball starts glowing, press the A Button twice to fire a powerful Special Shot!


Making a mad dash in Horse Racing


Basic tip: Collect five stars to fill one charge on your Star Gauge, and collect carrots to restore your stamina during the race.

Superstar tip: trigger a Star Dash to run on the outer edge of a course without slowing down. This is a great way to discover shortcuts!


Pitching with power in Baseball


Basic tip: You can press the A Button for a Power Swing (more powerful but harder to hit) or the B Button for a Contact Swing (less powerful but easier to hit).

Superstar tip: Your pitching Special Move will increase ball velocity and throw the batter’s timing off. Use it only in critical situations!


Taking control in Tennis


Basic tip: If you successfully taunt your opponent before they hit a ball, you can increase your own shot strength.

Superstar tip: You can use a jump shot to increase speed and bounce, but it’s difficult to control—you can’t aim for the corners!


Going the distance in Golf


Basic tip: Balls won’t roll as far in the rain. If it’s raining, you’ll have to hit the ball a little harder than when the skies are clear.

Superstar tip: Switch to a Power Shot to give your shot added distance. But use your Power Shots wisely, since you only have a few!


You can learn more about Mario Sports Superstars at the official site.

ESRB Rating: Everyone