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You can bask in back-and-forth rallies before trying to slam opponents with a mix of lightning-fast, racket-breaking moves in the Mario Tennis Aces game.



Charging up shots

Good news: You can charge up the power of your next shot by holding down the shot button as the ball approaches you. Bad news: Your movement is limited while charging. But you can press L or ZL to cancel out of the charge if you need to make a move.



Filling up energy

Your energy will fill up as you rally, but there are ways to speed things up. You can quickly fill your energy by performing a perfectly timed Trick Shot, where you leap toward a distant ball. It’s a risky shot—if your timing is late, you may lose the point or some energy.



Blocking Special Shots

Super-charged Special Shots are powerful enough to break a tennis racket in one hit. If your opponent sends one your way, you can use Zone Speed to make the world around you move in slow motion. That way, you can nail the timing and send the shot back to your rival.



Changing your timing 

In Swing Mode, if you change your timing so that you hit the ball a little earlier, you can hit the ball to the opposite corner with a Pull Shot. If you hit it a little later with a Push Shot, the ball will go to the same side.



Moving quickly 

You will automatically move toward the ball in Swing Mode, but you can still use the control stick to move around quickly. You can also cancel your charge with B (right Joy-Con) or down button (left Joy-Con).



To learn more about the game, you can visit the official site.

ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Cartoon Violence