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10 tips to put you at the top in the Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash game!

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ESRB Rating: Everyone


Tennis is a game that’s easy to learn but difficult to master. The same could be said for the new Wii U game, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash.

It’s simple enough for anyone to pick up a controller and jump in, but to truly become a Mario Tennis master, you can learn the secret strategies of the pros. Luckily, our game experts here at Nintendo have put together 10 tips to get you started on your road to stardom!



Down in front

When playing a Doubles Mega Battle Match, watch out for your partner—Mega players are easy to hit!



Take a chance

When standing on a Chance area, it will tell you which buttons to hit, so try pressing the matching buttons to unleash a powerful Chance Shot.



Cut ‘em down to size

If you’re going up against a Mega opponent, try hitting them with a body shot to shrink them down to regular size.



Know your surroundings

It pays to know your courts, especially in Doubles Matches. You can use the speed, bounce, or special quirk of the court to your advantage. For example, the sand court doesn’t have a high bounce, so try using a lot of drop shots.



Make it simple

Having trouble pressing the right buttons when on a chance area? Try using the Simple Shot Button (X) to always dish out the correct shot.




When you press any shot button (topspin, slice, flat, etc.), your character will start to charge their shot up. Press the L Button to cancel the charge and move around freely again.



Take a dive

Have a ball that’s way too far away? Try pressing the R Button to dive towards it.



Aim high

When serving the ball, try hitting it at the highest possible point to get an incredibly fast serve.



Switch it up

There’s more than one way to serve the ball—each button (A, B, or Y) gives you a different type of serve.



Twice as nice

Remember, pressing A, B, or Y twice will make your character perform a jump shot. Try using this when the ball is above your head.


You can learn more about the game by visiting the official site

Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode.  Sold separately.