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There are, like, a zillion Metroids on Planet SR388 in the Metroid: Samus Returns game. Here are some tips to help you try getting that number down to zero!



 Tip #1: Scan Pulse can be revealing

 Scan Pulse is an incredibly powerful Aeion ability that becomes available early in the game. If you’re stuck somewhere that seems to be a dead end, you can fire off a few blasts of Scan Pulse to reveal on the map certain details about the surrounding area, like breakable rocks. On a mysterious place like Planet SR388, there might be more than meets the eye!



Tip #2: Enemies can give themselves away

There are all sorts of deadly alien species on Planet SR388, which is bad. But you may be able to predict their moves, which is good. You can spend time observing enemies to learn their habits. By paying close attention, you may catch something incredibly useful—like the sound and movement they make right before they charge.


Tip #3: There’s more to the map than meets the eye

The map menu screen shows the name of the area you’re currently exploring. But it shows a lot more than that, too: power-ups you’ve found, the percentage of items collected, and how many pins you’ve placed on that area’s map. You can place up to ten pins on the map to help you remember key locations or places you want to revisit.


Tip #4: Power-ups are hidden everywhere

Want to take a break from hunting Metroids? You can spend your free time hunting for nearby power-ups! There are loads of power-ups hidden within Planet SR388, and each one is worth finding. Power-ups that increase your missile supply are especially handy, since Metroids are vulnerable to missiles.


Tip #5: Bomb Jump offers an extra boost

Once you find the Bomb power-up, this trick can give you a serious boost and let you reach high places. To perform a bomb jump, shift into Morph Ball, set a bomb, and stay right on top until it detonates—the blast can send you flying! You can even try chaining explosions together in a way that propels you higher and higher into the air.


You can learn more about the game at the official site.

 ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes