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Watching unexpected friendships unfold is a magical (and often hilarious) part of the Miitopia game for Nintendo Switch systems. Here are a few tips on how to help your custom-made Mii characters level up friendships!


Friends are stronger together

Mii characters start as acquaintances, but you can help them become the best of friends. You can even make friends with your horse buddy and they will lend a helping hoof. As friendships level up, your allies can learn new Friends Skills and unlock more powerful Assist Moves. These moves can have different effects, like causing teammates to pool their strength for stronger attacks in turn-based battles.


Food is everyone’s friend

After a long day's journey through the kingdom of Miitopia, you and your party can rest up at the Inn. Each Mii has their own personal tastes, from Slime Jelly to Spider Rolls. Feed your hungry Mii characters food they love to permanently boost their stats, strengthen their abilities, and earn them bonus points.


Like two peas in a pod

You can send Mii characters on outings and watch as they go to the movies, a beach, or even sing karaoke together. The rooms at the Inn can each hold two Mii characters, so it's up to you to assign roommates. You can try matching up different characters every night to help develop friendships between team members.


Even friends fight sometimes

Mii characters can get jealous of others getting too much attention. During this time, they won't help each other in battle. They may even fight with others in their party! But don't lose heart. Just give them a chance to work it out and rebuild their friendship. You can try to help by having them share a room at the Inn.


Bringing friends to life

You can customize a cast of Mii characters, using a wide variety of wigs and makeup to really bring them to life. From your best friend to your great-great-grandpa, you can create unique Mii characters of anyone you’d like!


 ESRB Rating: Everyone with Crude Humor, Mild Cartoon Violence, Mild Language