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Mini Mario, Mini Donkey Kong, Mini Princess Peach, and more are marching their way into the Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge game! This is a free-to-download game, but at least one amiibo figure is required to play; sold separately. 


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence

Here are five fantastic tips on how to march your Mini like a total pro!


Prep work comes first


Your Mini won’t start moving until you tap it with your stylus. That gives you tons of time to collect or place Girders, Long Springs, and other Objects before you start the level. 

Guess what? You can switch things up each time you play the level to find the quickest route to the exit.


Grab the amiibo tokens


Before you start a level, make sure you know which Mini is needed to collect the two amiibo tokens in that level. You can then use those token to unlock different levels on Star World! 

Guess what? For some levels, two different Minis are need to collect the amiibo tokens.


Full speed ahead


You can tap your Mini with the stylus to give them a short burst of speed to help them speed past enemies (like spooky Boos!). Tap, tap, tap!

Guess what? Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge marks the return of this awesome feature to the series.


Get your foot in the door


If you safely guide one of the special Mini characters to the amiibo door, you can access that character’s special set of levels.

Guess what? You’ll have to use that Mini’s unique move to reach the amiibo door!


Practice makes perfect


Well, probably not perfect. But if you keep trying to find the quickest path through the level, you might improve your high score. Good luck!

Guess what? You can tap your Mini to speed it up and try to get through a level as quickly as possible.


To learn more about the game, you can visit the official site.

Compatibility and functionality of amiibo may vary per game. Visit for specific details on how each amiibo works.