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In the Monster Hunter Stories game, you can have an amazing adventure with fierce Monsties by your side. But first, you’d have to catch them! Here are some tips on hunting eggs, hatching new Monsties, and more.



Monsties’ attack types


Monsties tend to use one attack type more than others during battle: Power, Speed, or Technical. Each type is strong against—and weak to—another attack type. Speed beats Power, Power beats Technical, and Technical beats Speed. You can select the “Status” option in the Camp Menu to see info on the Monsties in your current party, including their attack type.


Taking on subquests

In town, you can head to the Quest Board to see which subquests are available. Once the quest conditions have been cleared, return to the Quest Board to receive your reward. You may earn valuable experience to strengthen Monsties and in-game currency you can use to upgrade gear. New subquests become unlocked after defeating bosses, so you can check back frequently.


 Double Attacks

You and your Monstie can perform a devastating Double Attack on an enemy, if you meet the following conditions: You and your Monstie must attack the same enemy; you must both use the same attack type; and the attack type you use must beat the enemy monster’s attack type. A successful Double Attack cancels the targeted monster’s attack for that turn. You also receive a big boost to Kinship Gauge and inflict extra damage!


Ride-On ready

Once your Kinship Gauge is full, you can hop on your Monstie and activate Ride-On status. The two of you will move as one unit to execute a powerful technique known as a Kinship Skill. When you activate Ride-On status, your Monstie recovers as much HP as you have left in in your HP bar. You can try to find the right time to use Ride-On status—like when your Monstie’s HP running low at a crucial point in battle.


 Navirou’s clues

Your travelling companion, Navirou, is a talkative Felyne who encourages you and offers helpful advice. He can even help you sniff out the quality of monster eggs, thanks to his exceptional sense of smell. If it’s heavy and smells good, it’s probably a good egg. And when he says it’s time to get out of there, listen to him! A parent monster may be on its way back to the nest.


You can learn more about the game at the official site.

 ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence