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You can bring a friend along on the adventure in the Pikmin 4 game, available now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Here are five fantastic tips (plus one bonus tip) to help you get started in the game. You can learn about multiplayer gameplay, Co-op Mode, Dandori battles, the new Rewind Time feature, and a Rescue Pup named Oatchi!


How many people can play in Co-op Mode in the Pikmin 4 game?

Co-op Mode is great for friends or family looking for a multiplayer cooperation gaming. Two players on the same Nintendo Switch system can work together or battle it out in the Pikmin 4 game. No additional games, systems, or accessories required – you can play together the first time you open the game! You can pass a single Joy-Con controller between the players, but you can also play with one Joy-Con controller each.


How do you play together in the Story mode in the Pikmin 4 game?

In Story mode, you can get help from a second player for co-op gameplay. Using an on-screen pointer, your co-op buddy can throw pebbles at enemies to stun them and unleash helpful items from your inventory. This kind of cooperative gameplay offers younger or less-experienced players a chance to get in on the action!


How do I use the Rewind Time feature in the Pikmin 4 game?

The Rewind Time feature is very helpful if something goes sideways during your excursion in Story mode. There’s no need to panic because you can give yourself a do-over! You can press the (-) button on your controller to active Rewind Time and go back a few seconds or minutes in time. You’ll have a second chance to try a different approach to solving the problem!


What are Dandori Battles and Challenges in the Pikmin 4 game?

“Dandori” (pronounced don-door-ee) is a practice centered around planning things out in advance and working efficiently. You can even put good “dandori” to work for you in your daily life! In your expedition in the Pikmin 4 game, you’ll come across Dandori Battles and Challenges. You can try to use your items wisely and efficiently to collect the most items before time runs out.


Can you have multiplayer battles in the Pikmin 4 game?

Yes! Two players on the same Nintendo Switch system can work together or battle it out in the Pikmin 4 game. In Dandori Battle, you can take on—or team up with—a second player to collect the most items before time runs out. Who will reign supreme? To take on a challenge, players must select “Dandori Battle” on the Title Screen to set up versus multiplayer. You can also adjust different settings for a battle.


Bonus tip! Who is Oatchi?

Resident good boy and dependable partner Oatchi (pronounced Oat-chee) can help get the job done throughout your adventure. This pup is more than happy to create a path forward by digging and smashing through parts of the environment. Oatchi can also retrieve stuff and drag it back to where you need it and can also be trained to gain new skills. With the Pikmin and a powerful pup by your side, no challenge is too big!


ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Comic Mischief, Fantasy Violence