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You’re on a mission to save the legendary land of Hyrule in the Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring The Legend of Zelda  game. Here are some tips to help you try to survive dangerous enemies, dark dungeons, and 25 remixed classic Legend of Zelda tunes!


Dungeon trouble

The dungeons in the game are procedurally generated—they’ll change every time you enter one and each time you’re defeated. If a dungeon is giving you trouble, you can exit and re-enter it to give yourself a fresh start with a different dungeon. You can even revisit dungeons to search for additional loot that wasn’t there the first time.


A good defense

You can press the R Button on your Joy-Con controller to defend yourself from enemy attacks. If you’re playing as Link, he can bust out his shield to block any attack in front of him. If you’re playing as Princess Zelda, she can use Naryu’s Love to block an attack from all directions—but she has to time the block with the beat!


Fixed Beat Mode

You can play different modes with different challenges or new ways to play the game. In Fixed Beat Mode, you can turn off the beats to move freely and play strategically. Fixed Beat Mode is also a good place for beginners or younger players to go at their own pace.


Break time

Does a big bad boss keep getting the best of you? Maybe it’s time to take a quick break to search the area for items and weapons! You might find a Piece of Heart to help extend your character’s maximum health, a Torch to light the way in a dark dungeon, or a Glass Dagger to bring down an enemy.


Co-op play

You can play through each mode in two-player co-op, where both players share resources and items. In this mode, one player can play as Cadence and the other can play as Link or Princess Zelda. If one player is defeated, the other player can revive them with a Shiekah Stone.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence