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Your adventure through the Pikmin 3 Deluxe game starts in Story Mode, where your main objective is finding fruits. Here a few tips and tricks on how to help make the most of it!


Helpful hints from KopPad

KopPad accessory shows map and instructions to head to Twilight River.

Your KopPad accessory can be a big help as you make your way through Story Mode. This handy tool is full of data files describing useful facts about Pikmin behavior, indigenous life, and gameplay tips. Your KopPad is at the tip of your fingers, too! To access it, you can simply press the – button.


Swapping leaders is a snap

Split screen shows before and after switching leaders while working toward goals.

After rescuing Brittany, it’s a good idea to swap leaders often. This gives you the ability to split up Pikmin squads, which might allow you to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. If you’re playing with a second player, then each player can take direct control of a separate leader to make exploring even more fun!


Getting out of sticky situations

Battle scene before and after Pikmin have been ordered to retreat away from enemy.

If your Pikmin get in trouble while fighting indigenous creatures, you can use the whistle to sound a retreat. This gives you a chance to regroup and maybe even re-think your strategy. You can think about what weaknesses the enemies might have and whether you should use different Pikmin types.


Calling stray Pikmin

Outside the S.S. Drake spaceship before and after the Pikmin have been called to gather.

If your Pikmin have wandered off, you can press the A button near the S.S. Drake (your home base), which orders Pikmin to come back to the Onion. You'll need to watch out for dangerous creatures and other obstacles as they make their way back, but this tip can be a helpful way to ensure your stray Pikmin aren't eaten by creatures when night falls.


What to do next?

KopPad accessory displays hint “Look around for bridge fragments” and arrows light up to point player toward next goal.

If you ever find yourself truly stuck in Story Mode unsure where to go, you can press the Up Directional button to display a hint, as well as helpful arrows guiding to the next story objective. If you don’t want to have hints on display, you can change this setting in the "Other Settings" menu.


Bonus tip

Close up and medium focus photos with camera menu: adjust camera aim, focus, and flash.

Exploring an unknown planet and battling vicious beasts is a tough job, so even dedicated explorers need time to stop and take some cool photos. Using the KopPad accessory that Alph, Brittany and Charlie have, you can take a photo at any point in Story Mode. These photos let you capture the world around you from a pint-sized perspective.


ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+ with Mild Cartoon Violence