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The Pokémon Legends: Arceus game sends you on a new kind of grand, Pokémon adventure! Here are five tips to help guide you through the game, available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch family of systems. You can discover useful info about prepping for exploration, completing the region’s first Pokédex, and fighting challenging (and dangerous) Pokémon battles!


How to complete the Hisui region’s first Pokédex

Pokédex open to Research Tasks for Shinx: Number caught, times you’ve seen it use Quick Attack, number you’ve evolved, and more.

Your goal is to research the Pokémon of the Hisui region. As a member of the Galaxy Expedition Team, an organization dedicated to studying this land, you will strive to complete the first Pokédex in the region! You add information to your Pokédex by catching Pokémon. But catching a Pokémon once won’t be enough to complete its Pokédex entry! You’ll need to keep studying that Pokémon and complete research tasks to increase your research progress on it and flesh out its Pokédex entry. Completing these research tasks will also contribute to your work with the Galaxy Expedition Team and raise your rank as a team member, granting you access to new areas.


How to encounter Pokémon across the region

Player encounters Lopunny and Burmy near a fruit-laden tree in a grassy field.

Pokémon live freely in all kinds of places—in grassy fields, in forests, or out on the water, to name a few. There may be certain Pokémon behaviors—or even entire species—that you witness only under the right conditions, such as during a particular time of day or in certain kinds of weather. Different Pokémon are active during the day than during the night. It seems there are even some species that can only be found during specific times of day. Visiting the same area at different times might yield new discoveries. But be warned, not every Pokémon is easy to find… or catch!


How to prepare for your next excursion

Red-roofed, wooden homes line the dirt road toward Jubilife Village. At the end of the road is the headquarters of the Galaxy Expedition Team, and Mount Coronet in the distance.

Home to the headquarters of the Galaxy Expedition Team, Jubilife Village is a great place to prepare for your research excursions. Visit the General Store, where you can purchase items with in-game currency. Or head to the Craftworks to craft using the materials you’ve gathered. You can customize your clothing and hairstyle as well! At the clothier, you can obtain everyday kimonos as well as fancy suits, hats, and even masks. You can get your hair styled and colored at the hairdresser’s. You can even mix and match your clothes and hairstyle to create just the right look for you. When you feel like it, you can head to the Photography Studio to take pictures with your Pokémon.


How to summon special, powerful Pokémon

Player rides a white and gray Wyrdeer across a stream.

With the aid of your Pokémon, your research will take you to greater areas of the region. There are special Pokémon in the Hisui region that have received a mysterious blessing. Some of these Pokémon, known as nobles, are particularly powerful, while others are said to willingly assist the people of the region. During your adventure, you’ll receive a Celestica Flute. You can play the flute to summon these special Pokémon that will let you ride them. Riding these Pokémon on land, across water, or even through the skies will help you more freely explore the Hisui region. Your encounters with these special Pokémon will be a key part of your story.


How to tackle challenging (and dangerous) Pokémon battles

Player tries to run during battle with Electivire.

Pokémon behaviors vary in the Hisui region. Wild Pokémon will react to you in different ways depending on the species. Some may come right at you and attack, while others will run away as soon as they spot you. The aggressive sort will attack without hesitation. One option is to challenge them to a battle. You can command your Pokémon to weaken the opponent, and it should be easier to catch! However, some are much more powerful than you. If danger comes your way, RUN! Tailoring your approach to Pokémon’s dispositions will be the key to successfully catching them.


ESRB Rating: Everyone with Mild Fantasy Violence